Nighttime phenomena

11 Stones Dream Interpretation Dreaming about stones represents future hard work. In general, this dream signifies the reality of your own life and what you face every day. It would help if you remembered that this dream could carry different meanings, depending on how it happened. You need to try to remember the details of […]

Dream of a room full of mirrors – To dream about a room that is full of mirrors means that you should take time to reflect on your actions in your day to day life. Your actions might be in line or not in line with what the society requires of you. If your actions […]

Dreams About Puppies – Meaning and Interpretation Dogs in dreams usually signify neglected abilities and talents. They also represent loyalty and security. They also might symbolize connections with friends. Small dogs in dreams are sometimes a sign that your integrity is being compromised by your ideas. Dreams about puppies are sometimes an indication your relationships […]

Having the same dream again and again is a well-known phenomenon — nearly two-thirds of the population report having recurring dreams. Being chased, finding yourself naked in a public place or in the middle of a natural disaster, losing your teeth or forgetting to go to class for an entire semester are typical recurring scenarios […]

What Dream About Crossing The Road Means The dream interpretation explains why one dreams of crossing the road associating the action with cardinal changes that will soon happen in the life of a sleeping person. For the interpretation of the dream, it is important to consider what the track was, as well as the place […]