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What is android system webview app? Remove this?

Android system webview, a pre-installed application.Have you ever been through the pre-installed applications in your android phone?
Many times you are curious to know that what is this application? Should I remove this from my phone?
You might be thinking that this application has occupied storage in my phone, and seems like useless. But actually this is not a worthless application for android. Let’s discuss on this, that how much useful this android application is.

What is android system webview-Howtosortout.com

Android system webview application is developed by Google Inc. specially for android devices. This has a lot many features like your chrome browser. Although, this is a component which helps you to see the webpage content properly.
This android webview help you to open webpages, within your browser.
Let me come up with an example; suppose you are browsing on the internet and see a link within a website.
You want to check out this link. Now what should be practically happen? You will click on that link and your browser will open that link a new browser. For that activity you will have to close the current browser and then will view in another window.
But with android system Webview you can check out the stuff on the same tab.
This application works very nice with the Facebook and twitter like applications which play content within view window.
In a non-technical way, I would like to say that this is an application layout, which helps the browser to show content perfectly.

Should I delete this application?

Basically you should not delete this. If you will you are using a version of android which is higher than android Nougat, then you might be able to see this. Because in higher versions it is the part of internal platform of android.

Why you should not delete android system webview?

If you delete this application, it might cause many issues like your browser will behave strange and you won’t be able to access some tabs and links. So I will suggest not to uninstall this application until you want to work with android browser properly.

Uses of android system webview?

•It will provide you a better control over your phone’s user interface. It makes smooth user interface so that you can see better links and contents very fast. It provides you maximum usability of internal link within an application or article links in a browser like chrome or safari.
•This application gives a very smooth experience within the social media applications like Instagram or Facebook.
•Let’s take an instance like if you are surfing in a Facebook application and you see a link. If your this will be disabled or uninstalled in this scenario than these links will be open via third party applications like browsers. Facebook can also use their resources to show this stuff. But when you are using this application your content will open within Facebook.
•These webview can perform on multiple platforms like OS and android so these are very flexible application. Mean once you have developed this you can use these on cross platforms.
•As I have mentioned earlier that the use of this app makes the browser feature very easy so that we can do every browser like activity with this android system webview.

What if you have already uninstalled android system webview?

You may download this application from the google play store directly with this link: Download

How to enable android system webview?

If you have downloaded the application again then it might not be working. It also might happen that you have manually disabled the android system webview. Then what you have to do is, simply go to settings of your phone and there you can find the application list.

There look for this application and after opening this you can enable android system webview easily.

Further, you can also use the installed list of applications and games via your play store application and can check out whether this application has been enable or disable.

You can easily change the status of this application from play store as well.

Final Words

You cannot remove this android system webview from your phone directly. If you want to delete this, you can only uninstall android system webview updates, not the entire application.

Ultimately, I would like to say that if we have some default application installed in your phone then do not think that you cannot use that. If they have given something with the android package than it is quite easy to understand that it will be something useful.

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