UNG D2L | Login to D2L of University of North Georgia

UNG D2L is an online platform at the University of North Georgia. Remote learning is a great feature nowadays and every University is implementing the same for the benefit of students.

In a hard time of this corona pandemic, it is not possible to provide classroom facilities. That’s why UNG D2L is an alternative for the face to face classes. There are multiple features available with this D2L, that we will elaborate in this article.

Login to UNG D2L


If you are looking to login to the UNG D2L portal, here we will provide you a step by step guide. There are two types of login available for the UNG online learning portal:
• UNG Student/Faculty Login
• Special Login

Connected to the University of North Georgia as a student or faculty, you may log in with the normal option.

To login like a normal student or instructor, click on the UNG Student/Faculty Login link. Now this will redirect you to the login form of UNG D2L.

Here you can see a login form to fill your credentials. Enter the correct username and password to get access to the dashboard.

You have to make sure that all the information must be correct and should match to the D2L database.

Sign Up For UNG D2L

At the time of admission, University will allocate you a UNG ID. With the help of this ID and your SSN, you may sign up or activate the account.

On the login page, below the login form, you may see the Active my account link. When you will click on the activate or registration URL, the verification form will be open.

Enter the SSN or your UNG ID along with the Date of Birth and submit. Now the system will show you your UNG D2L id. These details will also be emailed to you for future reference.

You may also contact the registrar for additional help and support. There you can also ask to generate the username. If the students will try 3 consecutive non-enrollment, the UNG account for the students will be disabled.

Password Management

At UNG D2L, there is a distinguished password manager available. You can access this page with the help of the login page. There are a few options available on this management system:
• Change Password
• Forget Password
• Expired Password
• Enroll in Password Management
• 2FA Enrollment

If you already know your password, you may change with the password change option. Forgot password will recover your forgotten password.

Expire passwords can also be replaced with the new one. Also, you can activate your two-factor authentication via this management system.

GoVIEW Login

Georgia Online Virtual Instruction Enterprise Wide is operated by D2L. This is an online learning management system to use online offered programs. Here students can access the online courses.

With this link, you may enter the GoVIEW portal. Use your username and password to login to the brightspace. Here you can use the forget password option as well.

You can use this featured portal if you are a student or instructor of the University of South Georgia.

Features of UNG D2L

With the UNG D2L, you may be connected to your courses and college, without going to the classroom. It will give you so many features so that you may enjoy your online classes as well as offline. Some great features of D2L are:

  • Best icon-based navigation
  • Top Mobile-Friendly Interface
  • Great accessibility to modify courses
  • Calendar Function for scheduling

These are only some functions of the UNG D2L. This D2L has a wide portfolia of services and features. You can visit to the official website to check out more about the D2L.

Final Words

Here we have explained every possible way to access the UNG D2L. If you have any queries remained related to the login or the D2L, please drop a comment. You may also reach to the service support desk of the University of North Georgia.

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