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TJMaxx Credit Card Login

TJMaxx Credit Card Login

TJ Maxx is located in America and one of the biggest retail chains in the country. Here you can all the necessary goods at a great price. The prices are lower most of the time than the other stores. TJ Maxx is a retail store chain that’s why here you can find everything related to your daily needs.
If we talk about the numbers, they have around 1,000 stores in the USA only. They have a very large business in the clothing vertical as well. You can easily say that they are the biggest retailers of clothes in the entire United States.The parent company of these stores is TJX. It means TJX companies own all these stores in the US. There is a wide range of products sold by TJX. You can buy shoes and apparel, accessories, and much more related to your daily needs. They also sell toys, bath and beauty products, and many little utilities. If we look for the bigger section, you can also buy furniture from here and other home decor related things. So you can say these are grand stores under one roof.

So now talks about the TJMaxx credit Cards. Whenever you go out for shopping, most of the time you don’t want to use the cash. Nobody wants to use cash nowadays. Tjmaxx credit cards make it very easy to make payments after shopping. You can easily get the invoices after swiping your card and that’s it. No need to worry about cash counting and all the stuff.
These cards are issued by Synchrony Bank. So you can easily understand that the TJX companies has a tie-up with the synchrony bank to issue the TJMaxx credit card.
If you are a credit card user, you can easily understand their benefits. You can keep an eye on your spendings and bills as well. The main benefit of using these cards is that you can check everything anytime.
Also, you can smartly pay your bills. Tjmaxx gives you great accessibility over payment methods. You can pay your bills with phone, online, and by email as well. The bills can also be get paid by visiting the synchrony bank. So there are multiple options available to make payments. Here we will explain everything about TJMaxx credit card Login and all other things related to this.So read the full article so that you could know everything about the TJMaxx credit card login.

Requirements to do Tjmaxx credit card Login

If you are using the card first time, you can log in it in multiple ways. You can manage your TJX credit card login with the mobile application as well. This login can also be made using your desktop. What you have to do is simply follow these steps:
• Enter the URL into the browser for TJMaxx Credit CardLogin
• Once you are entered into the portal get ready with the id and password
• Tjmaxx credit card login credentials you can get after activation
• You must have a good internet connection

If you are trying to login with the mobile application, you can also follow the same procedure. That is also an easy process to login to TJX rewards credit card. Once you have fulfilled all the requirements, you can easily login to the TJMaxx credit card.

Step by Step Guide to TJ Maxx Credit Card Login

Here we will explain every single step related to TJMaxx credit card login and registration. Also, we will guide you on how you can manage your credit card very easily.
When you will get your new card, access to your Younique my Payquicker account first. This account is made for the management of your card only.
Follow these steps to login to account:
• Open your mobile or desktop browser
• Visit to the TJMaxx credit card login website
• There you can see a simple login form
• You have to fill your username in the first column
• In the next column enter your password
• These credentials must be as same as you provided at the time of account creation
• Last option there is a button
• You have to click on the button to securely login into your account
•Now you will be able to login TJMaxx credit card

For the new customers, there is an option available for card registration. If you do not have any credentials, how you could login?
So in the next step, we will let you know how you can sign up for the new TJMaxx Credit card login account. These accounts are managed by Synchrony Bank. So you have to connect with the bank.

Sign Up process for TJ Maxx Credit Card Login

When you go to the TJMaxx store, they will always offer you the cards. Every time while making transactions with cash, you can hear that offer. Once you got the card, the first step is to activation of the card. Before using this, you have to sign up with the official website. Start to sign up process after you get a mail of activation from the TJX credit card. If you successfully do the signup part you can easily do TJX credit card Login.
For the registration process, do these steps:
•Open you mobile or desktop browser
•Visit to the official website of TJMaxx credit card
•Link for the website is
•There you can see multiple options for the login process
•In the bottom of the page you will be able to see the register button
•Click on the button to start registration of your card
•After clicking the button, you will see a registration form
•This form contains two columns
•You have to fill your card number and zip code in the registration form
•Both details must be correct and should match the bank database
•Click on the continue button to finish the process

By doing this procedure, you will be able to register your card with the TJ Maxx credit card portal. Your credentials will be emailed to you. With those credentials, you can easily login next time on the same portal.

Reset TJMaxx Credit card password

Forgetting the password is normal. You can forget your password easily. The TJX credit card login portal gives you some very easy options to retrieve or reset your password. You can easily reset your password by visiting the official website. What you have to do is simply follow these steps and reset your password in next minute:
• Open the link of the official website in your browser
• The official link for the same is
• There are two options under the login form
• You have to click on the reset password link
• Once you click on the link, you will be able to see the password reset form
• Fill your User ID and zip code to reset password
• After filling the details correctly, you will be able to reset your password with the help of given instructions

When you are done with the reset process, you can easily set up a new password for your account.

Find the User ID for TJMaxx credit card login

Whenever you will log in for the card, user id and password are mandatory. We have explained earlier that how you can reset your password but what if you forget user id?
Don’t get panic, there is a simple way to find your TJX credit card user id. To do the same, you have to follow some easy steps after visiting the Synchrony Bank portal. Let’s see how you can recover or find your User ID:
• Visit to the Tjmaxx credit card login website
• On the bottom left side, there is an option available for find user-id
• You have to click on the find user id link
• After clicking on the link, fill the card number and zip code
• Now you will be able to get your user id easily

So these are very simple steps and by following these steps you can recover or find your user id for the TJX credit card login.

Apply for TJX Rewards Mastercard

apply tjmaxx credit card

Having credit cards might be a good choice if you don’t want to deal with cash. TJX companies offer two types of card:
• TJX Rewards Platinum Mastercard
• TJX Rewards Credit Card

Both cards have their benefits. Most of the time, people apply for the master card because that has more benefits. But the qualification criteria are also tough for this card. If you are not selected for the MasterCard, TJX Rewards Credit Card will be issued to you.
To apply for the new TJMAXX credit card follow these steps:
• Click on the link to open the application
• There you can see Multiple options like Start, Apply, Options, Terms, Results.
• You have to fill details step by step
• In the start enter the last 4 digits of your social security number
• Next you have to enter the phone number

Now you can proceed to the apply section. With your phone and SSN, synchrony bank will access to your credit score. If you do well with the credit score, you will be eligible to apply for TJX Credit Card.
In the application form please fill these details correctly:
• Full Name
• Email Address
• Phone Number
• Residential address
• Social security number
• Annual Income

Now the bank will check all the details related to your credit score and all other factors. If you will be eligible for the Master Card you will get this and if not you will get a rewards card.
If all the things go right, your card will be dispatched in the next few days.

Activation of TJX credit card

This is a process to activate your TJ Maxx Credit Card. You can use or login to the card if you don’t activate the card. So you have to follow some easy steps for the activation of the card. A TJMAXX credit card could be active with two methods, first is via phone, and the second is via online service.
You can choose the easiest method as per your comfort.
Here we will explain how you can activate your TJMAXX credit card by using the online web portal:
• Reach to the card Activation page by clicking on the TJX Credit Card Activation Link
• There you can see the Activate my TJX Rewards Mastercard option
• Once this process will complete, you can start using your card instantly
• There are three columns that you have to fill to Active the TJ Maxx Credit Card
• In the first column fill your card number
• 3 digit security code will be filled in the second box
• Last 4 digit of your SSN, enter in the third box

When you are done with filling the correct information, click on Activate my card button. From now onwards you will be able to login to the TJmaxx credit card.

How to make TJMaxx credit card payment Online

Looking to make payments for your credit card via online account? Follow these steps and pay your credit card dues on the go:
• Visit the official website for TJMaxx credit card login
• Open you account
• Search for the make payments option on the dashboard
• Select the total payable amount or minimum due amount
• Enter the payment method
• Fill all payment details
• Click on the make payment option

By doing these steps, you can easily pay dues for your TJX Credit card.

Make TJ Maxx Credit Card Payment via mail

If you are not a technical guy and want to pay your TJMAXX credit card bills by mail, you can do the same.
They have an official address that gives you access to send the payments directly to the synchrony bank.
If you are a MasterCard account holder, send you payments on this address:

P.O Box 530949
Atlanta, GA 30353-0949

You can also make payments for Store Credit Cards. The address to make payments for store card accounts is:

P.O Box 530948
Atlanta GA 30353-0948

Make TJ Maxx Credit Card Payment via Phone

Do not want to use the mail or online method for payments? The TJMAXX credit card has a helpline, that will guide you through the payment processing via phone.
You can reach their customer support for both the TJX store credit card and TJX MasterCard. Customer care numbers are given below for both of the card services:

• Dial 800-952-6133 for the TJX Store Credit Card Support
• For TJX Mastercard Support you can reach to 877-890-3150

Both numbers will be available from 8 A.M to Midnight from Monday to Friday. On Saturday you can reach them from 9 A.M to Midnight. If you are calling on Sunday, they are available from 9 A.M to 9 P.M

TJMAXX Credit Card Login Customer care

There is Service support available for both store and MasterCard of TJX. Call to 800-952-6133 for Store Credit Card. Also, dial 877-890-3150 for Mastercard.
These helplines are available as per the official schedule shown above.

Final Words

In this article, we have explained every possible way for the TJMaxx Credit card login. Here we have also mentioned how you can apply for a credit card. Customer support related details are also mentioned here. If you have any questions related to the TJ Maxx Credit Card Login, you can ask in the comment box.

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