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About Spire Credit Union

Spire Credit Union is one of the top credit unions located in Minnesota.They are here from 1934. So it’s been a long time when they started the business. Spire Credit Union got this name in 2008. This credit union was started with the name TCU. The idea behind this union was to provide loans to everyone in a situation when banks were facing a low time.This all started with the thinking of Edgar Archer. He was an employee in an oil association. Spire Credit Union firstly started with seven persons who were colleagues of Archer.They applied for a credit union certificate and got it. Then they started to give loans as low as $50. Interest charges were also set to 1%. Steadily and Slowly this organization grew and became Spire Credit Union in 2008. Firstly it was started in Midland. This credit union is completely based on Midwestern values. Now they have a large prospectus of their services. Going below in this article we will explain every service of Spire Credit Union.

Spire Credit Union Services

As a credit union, spire provides a lot many services to their customers and members.
There are mainly four types of categories in which Spire Credit Union provides services.
These categories are:
1. Save
2. Spend
3. Borrow
4. Business

We will explore every single category and will let you know how this union serves you in a great manner. In every category, there are multiple services.


All Saving Options With Spire

As you can see the service header, is all about savings. You can see multiple options here to start your savings with Spire. The first option is the Spire Share savings account. This is a savings account for a little money. You can start this account at $10 only. This is the kind of account that will help you through your difficult days. There is no minimum fee set for this account. Also, you can avail of free statements with this account. You can also access mobile apps as well as internet banking provided by the spire credit unions.
The next option you can see is Budget savings. This is kind of a fixed deposit where you can set a goal of your financial savings. They also give you some special features to withdraw freely one time from this account in a quarter. Also here is an option to avail of the services of mobile and net banking.
If you are interested to invest in a certificate account, you can avail of this with a spire credit union. You can lock an amount and can get a guaranteed interest. This is one of the safest options if you are looking to get a certificate.
There are 3 categories in certificates accounts. These are:

1. Regular Certificate
2. Premium Certificate
3. Jumbo Certificate

You can start with $500 in the regular certificate, $10,000 in Premium Certificate, and with Jumbo, it’s $100,000.
So you can choose the plans accordingly.
The money market is the next account that you can open with Spire credit union. There is no minimum balance amount to get dividends with this account. It is like a current account so you can make multiple transactions in a limited time. You have to manage a minimum balance of $2500 to avoid charges on this account.

Savings for family

There are some good options related to a family savings plan. If you are a teenager and looking to start a savings account. You can go for Teen savings account for it. Also with this account no need to keep a minimum balance and you won’t be charged.
A puppy pal account is a good option for little kids. It’s like your child’s piggy bank where he can save little money for their future. You can also avail of the services of this account to save money for your child.
A Holiday savings club is an account where you save to plan a trip. Here you can deposit a fixed amount and can get dividends. Whenever required, you can withdraw your funds. So next time when you plan for your trip, go and open this account.

Save for a Reason

You can start saving for a reason with a Spire Credit Union. A health savings account can help you to pay your bills when you are in need. Also, get the dividends and debit card with this health account. Just put a single amount in this account and no need to pay every time and it will help you to get access to these funds in a hard time.
IRA is another option here to save for your retirement. With Individual retirement accounts, you can save big money for your retirement. The spire credit union also gives you an option for education savings. You can save for your education. So you can say this is a great account for students. These are some options for savings that Spire is providing. Hope this article will help you to choose from.

Spend with Spire

You are saving with a Spire credit union, so here you can spend as well. There you can get checking account and debit cards. From these accounts, you can spend the money wherever you want. Visa Debit is also connected with spire, so if someone accepts a visa, you can spend there. These are some good options for spending through Spire.

Borrow with Spire Credit Union

If you are checking about a credit union, don’t forget their main function-Loan. Spire is also dedicated to providing its members and customers some great loan features.
Mainly three categories you can get with Spire Loans:

1. Home Loans
2. Vehicle Loans
3. Personal and Credit Borrow

Home Loans

As the name denotes, home loans are here to give some borrowings when you are planning to build a home or to get a mortgage. The spire credit union will help you in both conditions. A mortgage loan can help you to get a dream home. The rates for mortgage loans are adjustable and also there is a rate relock option available. By getting this option you can control your payments in a great way. Also, you can have a Land loan for your requirement. The mortgage loan period can be up to 30 years long so that you could pay quickly.
A home equity loan is the next available option in this category. You can get up to 90% of loans for your home. Terms are available up to 15 years. You will be charged with very low rates which will be the same from time to time.

Vehicle Loans

With vehicle loans, you can plan to buy a new vehicle today. Auto vehicle loan rates are very good with SCU. Used cars also can get financial support from the spire. You can finance all four-wheelers with this facility.
Spire RV loans can give you the support of finance up to 100% and no need to pay a single penny as upfront. The recreational loan category includes some big vehicles like Boats and Jet Skis. Motorcycles can also get finance with this.
If you have to buy some financed vehicle, Spire will help you to refinance them. You will get better rates from other companies. If you won’t, you will get $50. So try the refinance option with SCU now.

Personal and Credit

Looking to get some personal loans? The spire credit union will give you some good rates and great features in this category. Here you can get a line of credit and with that, you can use a pre-approval limit like an overdraft. If you can put some collateral, you can get a secured loan with very low-interest rates.
You can also avail the installment options with personal installment loans. Home improvement loans are also a great option provided by the spire. If you will get this loan, there will be no need to pay any closing cost.
With visa credit cards offered by SCU, avail a free credit card with no annual fee. Also every alert you will get free with this card. There is also a travel accident insurance attached to this card.
For these loans, you can check the rates with the official website.

Business Options

This category contains some business accounts like savings and checking accounts. Here you can apply for some business visa credit card and investment properties. Insurance for your business can also be assured. So if you have a business, the Spire credit union will help you to grow your business.

Spire Credit Union Routing Number

The current Routing Number of the Spire is 296075852. This number is registered in Falcon Heights.

Spire Credit Union Contact Number

You can reach to Spire with 888.34.SPIRE or dial 651.215.3500. There you can talk to a live person and that will answer your FAQs.

Final Words

Spire Credit Union is a well-known organization in Minnesota. It can give you services in multiple ways and will be better than banks in some services. So if you are looking for credit unions nearby you, go for Spire.
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