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Scott credit Union is around a 70-decade old organization. They started their first services in 1943. Their services section is full of verities. You can get the facility of below-mentioned services from Scott Credit Union:
1.Free checking accounts with interest
2.Credit Cards
3.Debit Cards
5.New and Used Vehicle Loans
6.Free bill paying
There are also many other products in the chart of Scott Credit Union.
This is a not-for-profit union that gives you great banking and financial services.
So when you will open an account with this organization, you will become a member automatically and also an owner. This is a financial cooperative.

Loans By Scott Credit Union

You might be looking for some borrowings from a credit union. Scott credit Union might be a final milestone of your journey. In SCU you can get many options for loans. Here you can fulfill all the requirements related to your personal and business needs. Here is a list of Loan Types, which is provided by the Scott credit union:

  • Vehicle Loans
  • Home Equity
  • Protection
  • Student Loan
  • Consumer Loans
  • Mortgage

You can get borrowings in the above-mentioned categories. In these categories I’ll explain how you can get loans, and what is the process and charges of them:

Vehicle Loans

If you are looking to get an auto loan, check for Scott Credit Union. Here you can apply for a personal auto loan as well as financing at the dealership. All choice is yours and what option you will take.The features of the auto loan will be:

  • Loan approval process will be very fast
  • The rates for the same will be 2.49%
  • Terms of the borrowing can be as long as 84 months
  • Direct lending program for dealers

These are some amazing features attached to Scott’s credit union.
You can check your eligibility and process of the loan on the official website.

Home Equity Line of Credit

If you want some money to use as a credit card, you should go for this option. They call it a HELOC account which means Home equity line of credit. The money taken via this process can be used in multiple forms. It’s simply like your regular credit card with a set limit.
Rates for this equity can be changed with the Wall street prime rates. This account can be great if you are looking to start something without budget planning. You can withdraw anytime, without any hassle. This is the best option for new home building and renovation kind of work, where you don’t know the estimated cost.

Features of HELOC:

  • No need to pay an annual fee
  • Prepayment without any penalties
  • Get value up to 90% of you building
  • Fast approval as other borrowings
  • Amount limit approved up to $500k

Many other features are attached to this form of loan from Scott Credit Union.
If you are not interested in the HELOC, you can also go for a lump sum amount approved by the Home Equity Loan option, where you can get the exact amount in one shot.
Most of the features will be as same as HELOC.

Protection Plans By Scott Credit Union

These plans are for your debit account safety after any mishappening. If any due is left in your loan, these options could cancel the remaining installments.
Misshapen could be like disability, death, or any other job loss in certain circumstances. So you should go for this option if you are looking for a loan from SCU.

Student loans

Want to educate yourself and the money is getting short?
Let’s plan a student loan with Scott Credit Union.
There an around 3 types of repayment options, where you can repay your loans easily.
With the help of this loan, you can smoothly pay for your college.

Benefits of Student Loan

  • You can choose from the fixed or variable interest rates
  • No need to pay prepayment penalties
  • Approval chances are high if you have a good creditworthy person with you
  • US-based facilities are focused

So you can easily go for the loan provided by union.

Consumer Loans By Scott Credit Union

Looking to buy a new smartphone or a gadget? Planning for some vacation?
This option will help you get these things done. There are two types of loans in this category. You can go for a signature loan, which is a collateral-free unsecured loan. This loan is for normal citizens who do not have much collateral to put on.
The second category in this borrowing is the pledge loan. When you will secure your loan with collateral, rates will be less. So you can go for any option given by SCU.

Mortgage by Scott credit Union

Nobody wants to face a headache while getting the mortgage. Credit Union will help you throughout the entire process.
You can get up to 100% finance with their offerings. Also, programs are with some fixed rates. These rates can also be adjusted easily.
So go for a new mortgage with Scott credit Union without any down payments.

Scott Credit Union Login

scott credit union login

If you are a registered member with the credit union, you can log in very easily with the website.On the top right corner, you will be able to see an option to fill your username. Once you will be done with the username, you can fill your password. Now you can access the dashboard of your account.
Further, if you do not have an account with them you can register with the Registration link.
There you have to fill the details of your loan number, SSN, and Username. After that, you can create your account easily by doing some verifications.
So this is very easy to log in to SCU.

SCU Registration

Scott Credit Union Routing Number

The main office of the union is located in Edwardsville (IL).
Current Routing number of the union is 281077522. This routing number was changed on November 13, 2012.

Scott credit Union working hours

Home Office- Lobby hours

DaysWorking Hours
Mon/Tue/Thu/Fri 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Wednesday10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Saturday9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Scott credit Union app

If you want to do all activities related to SCU, now you can download the application from google play store. The app is also available on the ios store.
With the help of this you can do below things:

  • Payment of your loans online
  • Bill pay
  • Mobile deposits
  • Check the balance of your borrowings
  • Transfer of memo

Many more features are also attached with this application. To download this application, you have an open play store or app store in store ios. There you can simply search for Scott credit union and you can be able to download the application.

Scott Credit Union Phone Number

If you are not able to find the solutions with there online messaging service support you can call them on:(800)888-4728

Final Words

Credit unions are organizations that give you loans on good rates. If you are looking for an old trustworthy organization, we will suggest you go to Scott Credit Union.

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