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Option C -All products of OptionC.com

Option C or we can say Option Catholic is a website that provides services to Catholic schools. Their products are completely based upon Catholic dioceses.
Option C sells or offers their products freely to Catholic schools only.
As per their official website, Option C is exclusively focused on the Catholic community.
Their products are related to education vertical in Catholic schools. They sell products like DMS,School management system and Parent Alert System.
These products are developed by Option C and exclusively focused on the Catholic education system.

Option C -Products

Here we will explain about the products of website. You can check out the details nd can purchase them from the official website.

Option C - Diocesan Management System (DMS)

This is a management system, which is made for Diocesan offices. They provide it freely to them.
The tool is combined with multiple features. They provide tracking, assessing, and managing of Catholic Schools. DMS can assess the data from staff, students, and families from entire diocese.
They provides a live feature to track all this.
You can check out and search the information very quickly with this DMS by option C. Also you can check out about the student trends by this management software.
This is the single system that has all the data in it, related to diocesan.
As I have mentioned earlier, this is based on Catholic Diocesan only. So we could say this the only for the Catholic management system.
So this is the best DMS available in the market for Catholic Diocesan and developed by Option C.

Option C: School Management System

You must have heard about the School Management System.
This is a platform that gives great access to the teachers, parents, and other admin staff.
In most of the School Management Systems, you can see some simple grade kinds of things, but this one is a bit different.
As it’s based on Diocesan, they offer around 150 pre-installed ready to serve templates. These templates might be used in multiple ways like reports and assessments.
Platform has provided exclusive cloud access to parents as well as teachers. They can get information about the performance of students, on a single dashboard. Option C also gives the feature for data backup.
They have a specific website for Catholic families, where the parents can access their child. Realtime features are also there, so parents can also track the lectures of their children.
Option C is completely based on Catholic schools, so as the school management system.
They provide specific features related to Catholic Diocesan. Features are like card requests, biblical references, and Catholic News service kind of great stuff.
School Management System also provides links directly to the Vatican.
Catholic saint of the day can also be heard by this System developed by Option C.
The platform works with a single login policy. It means you need to create a single account only and with it, you can access every feature on the system.
It means parents can also connect with this platform very easily by using their credentials.

Option C- Parent Alert System

This is an instant notification service. It makes a bridge between parents and school staff. You can get the details of the schedule change and leave related information very quickly.
There are many modes available for communication in this tool.
Parents or staff could use mail, message, or voice options to communicate.
They provides endless opportunities to link staff and parents.

Catholic Content

Option C is a completely religion-based platform. They provide great educational content to the Catholic schools. Website has designed this stuff to provide the best Catholic education to students.
This is the only platform in the U.S, which provides these great content.
Option C has libraries, which can be accessed by students and they can learn many things there.
The great thing about this content that this is connected with the School management system.
So teachers can also check out and it helps them to guide students properly.
They have a great aim to serve Catholic schools.

Services by Option C

Option C is a product developer, as well as a service provider. They provide services related to their products only. Let’s take a look at them.

Implementation on Products

Option C has a great team that provides a facility for implementation and installation. If you are starting with Option C or coming from an old platform, you can reach them.
In most cases, schools use some other platforms and then moves to them. They are always ready to help in these scenarios.

Training Sessions

Once you have a ready platform of Option C, you might learn to operate. They provide training sessions for this problem. You can learn about every feature of their products in these sessions. These sessions could be taken in online or offline mode. If you want offline training, the team will visit the school and will train you.

Great Support

You might face some issues once you get Option C. They also provide support after installation. You can call or mail them to get support anytime and they will fix it. Their support services are very reliable.

How to Register for Option C ?

You can visit the official website to get the registration done. There you can choose to register with the family portal or admission portal.

Once you will login to the platform, you have to fill the details.
Details will be email, Religion, password, and occupation. You can fill these details and register easily to the platform.
The official website suggests that if you are the parent of a current student, you should go for using the family portal.

Option C Forgot username

In many cases, we have seen that you might forget your password or login username. You have to take a few simple steps and you can get your username easily.
1. Open this link in your browser: https://www.optionc.com/templates/blueflash/ForgotPassword.asp?key=6653
2. There you have to fill the details of your mail id
3. The email ID should be as same as you registered while creating the account
4. Fill the grade and first name
5. Click on the retrieve password
6. Your password will be sent to the mail

If you have forgotten your username, the online method won’t work. You have to contact your school for the same.

How to Contact

You can contact them via phone. The number is (855)822-8418.

Final Words:

This is a great platform to get products for Catholic schools and Diocesan.
You can go for their products if you running a Catholic school or Diocesan.
If you any queries remained, please drop in the comment box.

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