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What is LCPS Go?

LCPS Go is a platform that gives access to the web applications of LCPS. These files are stored in the cloud and can be accessed via lcpsgo.
This portal can be accessed easily via tablet, mobile, or desktop. With the classlink application, Lcps go, you can get more opportunities for learning.

All the stored files can be accessed with the correct information and credentials. In this article, we will explain everything related to the lcpsgo login. So read this guide completely and get access to the portal with official links.

Login to LCPS Go

If you are looking to login to the lcpsgo portal, you can easily get into that with single credentials. You don’t need to browse multiple websites to access the platform. Teachers and students can log in lcps go with a single platform. Both of them can access their data by login into the official website.
Follow these steps to login into the lcpsgo:

1. Enter this link into your browser
2. You should use the chrome browser to get the best experience
3. Once URL open, you will see the login page
4. Here you can see the Sign in to classlink
5. Fill your username and password and click sign in
6. Make sure that all the information is correct

The username will be your Student Id or the Lunch number. Your specific password will be your four-digit birthday.

Reset Password Lcpsgo


Forgot your password and looking to recover the same?
You can follow these easy steps to recover your lcpsgo password:

1. Access the login page with the official link
2. We have mentioned the link above
3. Below the login box check out the Help, Forget Password link
4. Click on the forget password and you will be taken to the password wizard
5. Type your username in the desired box

After that, you have to click on the arrow button and in the next step verify your identity.

Once you will verify your identities like username and email id, you can easily reset your password.

Go back to the login page after setting up a new password. This process can be done with desktop and mobile as well.

Lcpsgo applications

This platform gives you a one-time login experience with great features. Students and teachers can access all these applications in a single place:
1. Imagine Learning
2. Safari Montage
3. Digital Passport
4. Alexandria
5. Online encyclopedia
6. Kids Infobits
7. Nat Geo for Kids
8. Pebble Go
9. DreamBox
10. Google Docs
11. Office 365

These are some great features and applications that can be accessed with this platform.

Loudoun County Public Schools Login

Lcps Intranet service gives access to internal employees. This service is available for the employees and can be accessed 24/7. You can reach the official website and links to get access to these links. Here you can also get the directory of Students and employees.


Here we have explained every feature and Login details of lcpsgo. If you have any queries related to the article, please drop a comment in the box. You can also reach the support center of Loudoun County Public School.

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