Kproxy: Browse any website freely

Have you heard about the Kproxy?

An anonymous web proxy which will give you a free access to the world of censored sites.
Let me explain you very frankly, this is proxy site, which will help you to access the sites that has been banned by government.

As per site’s claim every month around 1,500,000 people use their free services. So have you been using their proxy as well?

Before using again let’s explore what else is this proxy providing and what are some pros and cons of using this site.

As per their site claims there are a few things that you should be keep in mind before you access the site. There is list of great features of Kproxy that can be listed here but we have chosen the best ones.

Which browser you should use to access Kproxy?

If you do not want to use your pre-downloaded browsers like Firefox or Safari, they have a secure browser to offer. The browser called Kproxy Browser. With that browser they say that this will work like you Firefox browser and you can access any website securely and privately.

Access to all sites

You must have used a lot many proxies before and access failure is common between all of them. But here we can see that you can reach to every site available on the internet, without failure of course. Their claims are true that’s why they have a great database of users in a long span.

Safety and privacy of kproxy

Privacy is the key for proxy basically. On kproxy you can see that they are using the encrypted links between your computer and the target website. So your privacy will be very safe in this scenario.

Will kproxy work at university?

By using the kproxy extension in your browser, you can use the internet without any issue, wherever you want. They have added some good features so that the filters cannot get signals about any breach and you can use it like simple http connection.
You can use this kproxy at your workplace as well.

Works on your android phone!

The best part of kproxy is that you can use this with your android phone. Yes, you heard it right that you can easily access kproxy with an android phone. But here is a little catch to access kproxy that you have to download the kiwi browser.
With the kiwi browser you can install the extension of kproxy. Then you can access any site without hassle.

Is kproxy free?

Kproxy is completely free to use but they also provide some pro variants to use their services where you can access more features. So basically you can use the kproxy for free.

Hidden IP feature

If you are using their services than you do not have to worry about IP tracing. This is the feature of kproxy that you it will hide the IP of your computer so that the internet service provider and any other cannot access your data and history.

Is it safe to use

Disadvantage of Kproxy

I have explained the benefits of using proxy but as you know every coin has two sides. If it will have advantages, you will also have some cons.
Let’s talk about the cons of kproxy:

Access the proxy site for service

Suppose if there a website is ban in your area then what you have to do is first you need to access the kproxy site. The site you want to open, will be accessible through this proxy site. User interface will also might low and connection might be unstable a lot many time.
You have a wait for a long time when the page load and the things come up in a faster way.

Limited Service

When you will be using some website, proxy will provide the limited sessions to access. If you visit to the site many time, proxy might show you some timeout kind of stuff.
To catch all the premium actions, you will need to get the full pack of paid service. So this is one the issues related to proxy.

Low performance

I have already mentioned earlier that the performance cannot be reliable all the time. The proxy works like a filter between your traffic and the website.
So this traffic goes through some servers ultimately. You cannot get full guarantee that you will get any available and free space server. Many visitors like, might be struggling to reach some website and they have to use the same server.
This thing makes the proxy network very slow.

Kproxy vs VPN: What to choose?

You must have used some VPN before using proxy and can check out this as addition.
Let me explain this very clearly, VPN is a Virtual private network which will create a one way between your computer and the target website or host.
On the other side proxies like kproxy, will hide your IP address and details to provide you a private browsing feature.
If your needs are only limited to access some website, which you can to bypass through your normal internet connection, you can use kproxy without any hassle.
Aside this, if you deal with some important data and sensitive information, that must not be drive through the open network, you should go for VPN.

Alternatives of Kproxy

You can use below sites as alternate of Kproxy for secure browsing features:
• VPN Book
• Hide my Ass
These are some best options to use as alternates of kproxy.

Final Words

All proxy sites are made to access the websites securely and the site you cannot access with normal internet.
I will suggest you not to use the proxy sites to access the banned sites at your location. Using the proxy is not illegal, until you access some illegal stuff with the help of these website. Hope you will understand the sensitivity of using these sites and will take actions accordingly.
You can also drop your suggestions via comments if you like this article, further you can also access the Kproxy from its official website:

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