How to transfer photos from iPhone to Android

How to transfer photos from iPhone to Android? 4 Easiest ways!

Still searching “How to transfer photos from iPhone to Android”? Here we are with a complete pack of solutions with that you will be able to get every possible option to send photos from your apple iPhone to the android phone.

This article we will mainly focused on 4 ways to send photos from iPhone to android.:

  • Via iCloud Photos
  • Using Dropbox
  • With your Computer
  • By Google Photos

Before explaining further, I would like to say that with these methods you can send photos from iPhone to android remotely except when you use computer.

Remaining 3 ways will work if you do not have both devices nearby. So check out below that how you can transfer photos from iPhone to android very easily.

This is one of the simplest way where you can transfer images from iPhone to android, but we have two options available here:

  1. iCloud with Computer/Mac
  2. Use Android browser to access iCloud directly

iCloud with Computer/Mac:

  • You need to download iCloud application for windows or your MacBook
  • Install the software
  • Login with your existing iCloud user id and password which you are using in your iPhone
  • Now you can access your data on the computer/mac
  • Here you can also manage your photos from here
  • Download all the photos to your computer hard drive which are needed to transfer

Once you have taken all these steps you can easily transfer your photos to android. What you have to is simply; plug a USB in your android device and send all the photos to your android phone.

This is very easy to go process but might take a little bit of time and you have to process too many things like download, setup and transfer. So for this issue we are here with another fix:

Use android browser to access iCloud

In the first way, you took a longer path to transfer photos from iPhone to android but here we will explain very simple solution.

Just upload all your photos to apple iCloud and sync them properly. Now what you have to do is access the iCloud website from your android phone. If you will use this website as mobile version, it might not response properly. So access this website in Desktop Mode.

If you are using the chrome browser, simple click the menu bar and you can see the desktop view.

Once you have open the desktop view you can easily access your photos, which are already uploaded on iCloud photos.

So now you can easily transfer photos from iPhone to android.

Download the photos is your local storage, wherever you want.

This is one of the simplest way to transfer photos from the iPhone. Here you do not require any kind of laptop or MacBook.

Transfer with Dropbox Application

Many of us has heard about the Dropbox application and many are using this. If you are newbie with Dropbox let me explain you. Dropbox is a cloud bases storage service like google drive where we can store our data in cloud.

It means whenever you will upload something into your Dropbox storage, you can access that stuff from anywhere in the world.

Dropbox works on windows as well as they have application for iPhone and android as well.

Start with the action part now.

  • Go to your iPhone application store
  • Check for the Dropbox application
  • Download it into your iPhone
  • Create a free account on Dropbox
  • Upload the photos into your Dropbox storage

So now have uploaded the photos into the dropbox cloud and can access it from anywhere, like from PC and of course from the android as well.

You have to do the same steps with android device. Download Dropbox application from google play store and access your dropbox account. Use the same account with that you have uploaded your photos to the dropbox cloud.

Now you can very easily browse the photos that you have uploaded from your iPhone. This is very easy process to do and you can easily transfer photos from android to iPhone.

If you are done with this option, we will go through the next one. And this time we will use the Computer.

Transfer photos from iPhone to android with cable

Transfer Photos From Iphone to Android using cable

This option will work on both windows and Mac. So you can easily choose the way as per your hardware availability.

In this process we will be taking the help of USB cable. Yes, that data cable, which you might be using to charge your phone.

Steps will be:

  • Connect your iPhone to USB data cable
  • Plug USB cable into the PC
  • Download the iCloud software into your PC
  • Login with the appropriate credentials

Your photos and data will be accessible to you now and you can copy this wherever you want. Now obviously you will transfer this data to your local storage. So once you have transfer your photos to the local storage you need to send this to android.

For doing so simply plug the USB into your android device into the PC. Android phone storage will be accessible through the explorer easily. No need to download any application to transfer photos.

With this method you have to use PC, iPhone and the android phone on the same time. So I have already mentioned above that this method can’t be done remotely.

Now turns to the final method.

Transfer photos from iPhone to android with Google Photos

Google photos, a most common photo sharing and storage application developed by Google. This application provides you a very great user interface to upload your photos into it. Its storage is supported by the google drive, so you got a 15 GB of free storage.

Steps are very simple to transfer photos from iPhone to android via google photos:

  • Download google photos into your iPhone
  • Login into google photos using the Gmail account
  • Once you are logged into this application you can see upload button
  • You can upload your photos here without any hassle

When you are done with the upload, close google photos. Now go to your android play store and search here for the google photos. In most of the android phones you will be able to find the google photos inbuilt.

Access your photos account from your android phone as well and download the photos that you have uploaded previously.

So these were the easiest methods, with them you can transfer photos from iPhone to android.

Final Words

I have explained the most efficient way to transfer photos from iPhone to android. Use can the method as per your choice.

Feel free to drop a comment if you need any support related to this topic.

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