How to approve iPhone with windows computer

How to approve iPhone-Solved

If you update your iPhone to the latest version, you might see a notification “Can’t approve this phone”. You were working fine with your iPhone, someday you updated your device and now this problem is occurring. 

This problem might flash because apple thinks that your account is logged in, into some other iPhone.

So they do not approve your iPhone on the updated phone

Here we will be discussing every possible way “how to approve iPhone”.These methods are easy to use and you can easily apply them without any issues.

So let’s start with some great tricks to approve your iPhone.

Fix-1: Reset your keychain

How to approve iphone

Whenever you will be seeing the pop-up on your phone -Go to one of your other devices signed in to iCloud to approve this iPhone, you might have a headache.

Basically this error comes up when you update your iPhone. So the first option to solve this issue to approve your iPhone is:

  • Cancel the notification instantly
  • Go to settings of your iPhone
  • Here you will be seeing a message like Update Apple ID Settings
  • Simply press the continue button
  • Here you will be looking Updating Apple ID settings
  • On the upper part, there will be a pop-up asking the password
  • Again press sign in and you will see a message again “Can’t approve this phone?
  • Below this message, you have to click Reset Encrypted data
  • Click on Reset and then confirm in the next pop-up
  • You will be able to see a process with “Your keychain is being reset”
  • After this step, you can see a notification to clarify that some account services will not be available till you sign again
  • Give a restart to your phone and your iPhone has been approved

This is a simple fix that you can use without any other mac or iPhone. It means it will work without the help of any other device.

In the next step, I will tell you multiple ways to approve the iPhone with Mac or PC.

Fix-2: By Turning of Two steps verification

If you have another iPhone, where your account has been logged you can simply approve your iPhone by turning off the two steps verification.

With this method, you have to come up with these exact steps:

  • Go to your old phone where the apple id has been logged in
  • Check the settings of password and security
  • Now go to two-factor authentication
  • There you must be seeing the option of a phone number
  • If you want to turn off authentication, a code will be sent to this number
  • Simply click on the button and fill the code which you received on your phone
  • Now when your two-step authentication has been off. The process has been done
  • Restart your iPhone and enjoy the updates

How to approve iPhone from windows computer?

If the above-mentioned methods are not working for you, simply use this trick to solve things like a charm

When you will see can’t approve this iPhone, you have to simply remove that notification by clicking cancel.

Now you have to approve iPhone with Mac by sending a notification to an already logged account.

If you will try to login to the new device, obviously it will send the details to the old one.

Keep turn on your MacBook and that must be connected to the network as well.

Whenever you will try to approve iPhone, you will see a notification on your old system. It’s up to you that, you can easily permit this approval.

So this trick is very simple and you can use it with your MacBook as well as pc if the iCloud has been installed.

It might be done via a web browser as well.

How to approve iPhone without another device?

Let’s assume you have to resolve this issue and you do not have another MacBook or iPhone.

Here you will have to face some issues while using this method. You have reset your encrypted data.

As per the policy of apple, you can use the phone without approval but before that, you have to simply reset all the encrypted data from your iCloud.

If you can risk the same, you can easily do this without any issues. But nobody would like to lose the data. So the preferable method says that you should approve an iPhone with another device.

By using the another device where your account has been logged in you can easily allow the approval.

Further, if you want to do so, you can turn off the keychain function from settings.

You have to simply go to the settings and then password and security.

There you can turn off the keychain by authenticating yourself.

Change the firmware of iPhone to approve

You can also seek the help of some third-party applications. These applications can be installed on Windows computers and you can simply go through the guide.

You have to search for applications like iMyFone. In my opinion, you should not go with these applications otherwise you will simply lose your data.

Final words

I hope I have shared all the possible ways to approve your iPhone in a quick way. You should consider the most simple method that checks out the notification in your old device and approve iPhone easily.

Hope you liked the article, let us know your opinions in comment box.

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