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Hoosier Hills Credit Union was formerly created as Bedford Independent Credit Union. The year was 1969 when it was organized.It is one of the oldest credit unions in the US. Their assets value is around $600,000,000 and has about 30,000 active members.As you must be aware that credit unions are cooperative organizations which works in a, not for profit method.Banks use to get public funding via stakeholders, but credit unions are different in this mode. They are only limited to their members and also benefit them as an owner. That’s why their rates are so low. Hoosier Hills Credit Union also works in the same stream.
In this article, we will explore the services provided by Hoosier Hills Credit Union. You can set your opinion about this credit union after reading this.

Services of Hoosier Hills Credit Union

Hoosier Hills Credit Union works in multiple verticals of the financial sector. You can check out all the services here. The list of services is:

1. Loans
2. Accounts and Cards
3. Mobile & Online
4. Commercial Banking
5. Insurance & Investment

These are the main services and sectors, where this Credit Union is active.
Let’s elaborate on every service:


Hoosier hills is a great source if you are looking for a loan. There are mainly 3 categories for loans with Hoosier Hills.

  • Home Loans
  • Vehicle Loan
  • Personal Loan

With the home loan option, you can get loans like construction loans, land loans, and fixed home equity loans.
With their HELOC option, you can get a credit limit without fixing a budget. You can withdraw money whenever required, like a credit card.
If you are looking to buy a land, there also HHCU will help you and you can get loans on a very easy down payment. In some cases, the down payment can be as low as 3%.
You can also utilities their construction loan facility if you are looking to build a new home or renovate the old one.

Accounts and Cards

In this category, the Credit Union gives you multiple options related to accounts and cards. These options are:

  • Checking
  • Savings
  • Deposit Insurance
  • Cards

You can always get in touch with the great checking option by HHCU. They gave you access to your account via mobile and online applications.
Also, you can get in touch with the overdraft coverage.
With a savings option, you can open a featured account. They also provide you the option of Vacation and club accounts. With Hoosier Hills Credit Union you can also avail health savings account. In HHCU, your accounts are protected by NCUA. So no need to worry about your accounts anymore.
They also give you multiple options with cards. You can get the Debit card, balance buyout, and Credit Card from Hoosier Hills Credit Union.
There are also some options for Card Valet and CardSwap.

Mobile & Banking

Most of the Credit Union does not give you any specific applications for banking and transactions. But with Hoosier Hills Credit Union You can get many options to access your financial services. Mobile banking and mobile deposit are featured for online functions. If you are an iPhone user, you can go for Apple pay.
With their Online banking portal, you can get the facilities of Online education, bill pay, and Financial Tools.
E-statement is also available with the online banking option from Credit Union.
Bill pay facility with multiple service providers, you can avail with HHCU. Many other options like fund transfer and deposit can also be done with the banking option. You can also manage your payees and debtors with the mobile banking. Here you can check the daily as well as monthly statements.

Commercial Banking with Hoosier Hills Credit Union

In the financial menu of HHCU, you can access the commercial banking functions as well. It means you can get all the features like your normal banking facility with Credit Union.With the commercial market, you can get more benefits than the normal savings account. Here you will see some great rates better than others. Dividends will also be based on the daily balance and credit monthly.
With these commercial banking features, you can start your business with great funding, and without any worries. So next time when you will think about financial help, you can look for HHCU.They are one of the best in their category.

Banking with Hoosier Hills Credit Union

As you know that this is a credit union so it is different from Banks in multiple ways. You can choose to go with HHCU, not with a normal bank. This can enhance your benefits like a credit union and also you will get the services from a bank. The rates will also be lower than the banks. You can also make great savings if you will choose the Hoosier Hills Credit Union.

Hoosier Hills Credit Union Login

Hoosier Hills Credit Union Login

If you are a regular customer with HHCU, you can log in directly with the official website using your credentials. There you have to fill the username and password that you created while signup. For new users, there are two options. You can sign up as a new user for online banking as well as commercial banking. To signup with an online account, you have to enter your Last name, social security number, DOB, Member number, and Requested login ID.
Once you are done with filling the form, you can simply click to continue. After verification of your details, you will be able to set the login id and password for your account. Now you can log in with these credentials.

Hoosier Hills Credit Union Sign Up

Hoosier Hills Credit Union App

If you want to get in touch with your HHCU account, you can download their Android or iOS apps with ease. You can simply go to the Google Play Store with your Android device. There you have to search for HHCU Mobile Banking.Now you can see the application developed by HHCU. Download the application, sign in with the login details, and enjoy. With the same procedure, you can download the Credit Union App on iOS.

Hoosier Hills Credit Union Routing number

The current Routing number of HHCU is 283977633. The registered address for this routing number is in the city of Bedford.

Locations of HHCU

Hoosier Hills Credit Union has established two types of centers to provide their services. The first type is the service center and the other is ATMs. You can get the complete location of all the ATM’s and centers from the official website link.Visit your nearest service center or branch to get in touch with great services.


You can call or mail them. The toll-free number to contact HHCU is 800.865.2612. If your card has been lost or stolen, you can report the same on 800.4723.272. You can also mail them with the official website contact us page.

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