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If you have got a new sears card, do activate it before using it. Actually activation is a necessary process to start using your sears card.
Sears cards are offered by Citibank. You can avail of multiple benefits only after activation of the card.
If you are a customer at Sears, you must be having a card. That is a MasterCard discount card issued by Citibank. We will let you know every available method, with that you can activate sears cards.
Here are simple options that can be used to activate the card:
1. Sears Card Activation with online web
2. Activate the card using the phone
3. Using online assistance

Now I will explain how these methods work.

Activate Sears Card with Online web


If you got a new card, it can be simply get activate using the online portal of Citibank. This portal is only made for the activation of these cards. You have to simply follow these steps so that you can go through the activation process easily:
• Follow this link to go to the online activation portal
• There you can see a form to activate you sears card
• In the form, you have to fill some general information
• First Column is for Card Number. There you have to fill the main number of your sears card that is printed on the front
• Secondly you can just simply put your name in the box
• Your security code is printed on the backside of the card, this you have to fill in the third column
• In the last column you have to fill the last 4 digits of the SSN

Once you are done with this form, please verify your details. This verification will activate your sears card very easily. So this was the method to activate your Sears card online.

Activate Sears Card with phone

If you do not like the online way to activate the card, go for the phone option.
Citibank can also give you a phone customer care support. By calling their number, you will be able to activate the sears card. The customer care number for Citibank Sears MasterCard is 1(800)589-7327.
When you will call them, you can tell about the card details to the support service and they will activate the card within the next few seconds. This is one of the easiest methods you can use to do the activation process. When you will get the card, the issuer will also suggest you use this method, as well as the online method.

By Using Online Assistance

Along with the web method, you can use the online chat support of Citibank to do the activation process. Once you visit the online portal, you can see a message box there. This box is made for online chat support to activate the cards.
You can simply fill your query here to activate the process. When you will fill the details here, they will provide you a guide of FAQs. These FAQs will lead you to the activation of the card. Here you can see the steps to activate the card.
So if you have visited the portal, you can use this chat support as well.

By using all these methods you can complete the activation process of your sears card.

What is a sears card and how to get it?

These cards are offered in stores at sears. All financial services related to these cards are operated by Citibank and MasterCard. You can get multiple offers using these cards. Once you will activate the cards, you won’t get a discount but great offers.
So you can shop easily with these cards at the store.
Next time when you visit the store, do not forget to get a new card there.

Final Words

Here we are with a conclusion that how you can simply activate sears card without any hassle. We have explained every possible way to do so. If you are still facing some issues to do so please contact the support of Citibank at 1(800)815-7701.

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